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Instructions for
Tropical Climate Operation

4 - Body

  • a - Finish

    • The light-reflecting effect of light-coloured finishes make the body heat-repellent. That is why preference should be given to light-coloured finishes for operation in hot countries

      It is recommended that a preservative (VW 190) be applied prior to starting on a long trip to make the finish more resistant to the climatic conditions and particularly the intense sunlight.

    b - Canopy

    • On some vehicles - especially on Transporters - a canopy has proved of value. It keeps the heat of the sun off the roof, and reduces the temperature in the interior of the vehicle. Your VW Workshop will be glad to advise you on the manufacture and installation of the canopy.

    c - Hinged windshields and side windows

    • The ventilation of the Transporter can be increased by means of hinged windshields and side windows. Vehicles can be supplied complete with these extras on request. The hinged side windows can be subsequently installed in any Workshop according to the instructions contained in the Technical Bulletin A6.

      Fresh air regulator

      The Transporter Models are equipped with a fresh air regulator as standard equipment for ventilating cab and cargo or passenger space with the vehicle in motion.

      Two blowers can be obtained as optional extras (L121) for installation in the air guide channel of the fresh air regulator to allow the vehicle to be ventilated when stationary or moving slowly.

    d - Passenger Car Fan

    • A small fan can also be installed to improve air circulation. Suitable fans can be obtained at accessory dealers and fitted in a VW Workshop.

    e - Windshield sun shade

    • A sun shade can be installed above the windshield to protect the driver and front seat passenger from the direct rays of the sun.

    f - Windshield

    • When travelling in remote areas where there is no chance of getting a damaged windshield replaced quickly it is advisable to install a laminated glass windshield. These windshields do not shatter completely when damaged and it is often better to have a cracked windshield than none at all.

    g - Seats

    • The seats should be equipped with washable covers s0 that dirt and dust can be easily removed.

    h - Roof rack

    • A roof rack, as available from accessory dealers, should only be used in exceptional cases for carrying large but light-weight articles. The weight placed on the rack should not exceed 50kg (110lbs.) for the Passenger Car and 100kg (220lbs.) for the Transporter.

      The permissible maximum vehicle weight may not be exceeded in any case.

    i - Starting handle

    • If it is considered necessary to have a starting handle, some minor modifications will have to be made on body and engine. These can be carried out in any VW Workshop.

    j - Fender stone guard

    • When the vehicle is travelling on etremely bad road surfaces, flying stones are liable to damage the fenders. To avoid such damage, inxepensive stone guards, can be made and installed on the front and rear Passenger Car fenders at any VW Service Shop according to instructions issued by the VW Service Department in the special leaflet A2 "Fender Stone Guards".

    k - Coating for chassis and fenders

    • The chassis and fenders can be protected against stone damage by spraying them with an underseal compound such as "Teroson" from the Teroson-Werke Heidelberg.

    l - Camping equipment

    • It stands to reason that trailers or caravans cannot be considered for trips involving hard and trying operating conditions. However, car accessory dealers offer a number of devices which, in connection with part of the standard interior equipment, allow for sleeping in the vehicle as shown in the photo.

      Multi-purpose camping outfits for installation in the VW Kombi and VW Microbus in place of the standard interior equipment are also available on the accessory market. VW Dealers will be glad to give you any further advice.

    m - Windshield washer

    • If a windshield washer system is not already installed it is advisable to have one service installed by a VW Workshop.