Oil Filter Study Update History

This page lists the update history of the Oil Filter Study page.

I have finally updated the Oil Filters Overview page, which contains my personal opinions and subjective observations in the area of oil filters.  It is largely influenced by the information gathered here.  My idea when reposting this page was for it to contain only the objective data I gathered and not contain any swaying comments by me.  If you want to hard facts, they are here.  If you want to hear me rant, see the other page.

There will be few if any further updates this summer.  I simply don't have the time to sit indoors and work on web pages right now.  I hope to get one more update in later this summer and then wrap up the project this fall/winter.  Thanks for the patience.

Please read the new Warning section now.

A few people out there are helping me by sending filters.  Many thanks go to them.  I am happy to cut open and evaluate filters of the same type for brands that I have not tested, but I really don't want to try to cover all of the types for other vehicles.  The scale of this project has already exceeded my original intentions, but I really want to finish it.

I have a special feature page for Mopar because that is why this page is here in the first place.  The Audi/VW special feature is in progress because I cannot compare the German filters to the Ford 5.0L filter (they do not manufacture a true equivalent).  The majority of those filters were sent by Rolf Mair, at his expense.  The VW/Audi/Volvo croud has been helping me out a lot, so I am featuring their coveted filters here.

I encourage anyone out there to repeat this study for their own type of vehicle.  Perhaps we can all network our studies together.  This may be the beginning of a a major wake-up call for oil filter manufacturers.  We're watching you!!!

I finally got a chance to run a spell-checker though this page.

NOTICE:  I have been getting flooded with email about this page and simply cannot answer everyone, so I apologize if your email has gone unanswered.  I have been very busy lately and so updates to this site have been scarce.  I have received many requests for other filter studies.  Some of the requested filter are on their way and I will hopefully be able to add them to this page soon.  Here is the list of filters I intend to add, assuming I can find them all ("?" means I don't know the part #, "o" means I now have this filter):

- AC Delco PF2L
o Amsoil SDF-15 - acquired, ASF series has been discontinued
- Bosch - no direct Ford 5.0L cross-reference (see VW feature)
- Champ ?
- Fram HP1 - acquired
o Hard Driver HD01 - acquired
- Hastings LF115
- K&N - aquired (Gold)
- Purolator HP1/L390001 - acquired
- Mann - no direct Ford 5.0L cross-reference (see VW feature)

I have cut open all the filters I have acquired so far, but I have not torn them down completely because I need to take pictures.  I won't be taking pictures until I have acquired more of the filters listed above.  I do not intend to look into any filters for other types of vehicles.  I chose the Ford 5.0L filter because it can be used for several other engines and is quite large in size, which improves the relative surface area data between manufacturers.

I have had a couple of requests from people wondering what my qualifications are.  Quite frankly, I am just a concerned automotive enthusiast that is tired of being toyed with by these manufacturers.  In reality, I am an Electrical Engineer with no qualifications in the area of filtration analysis.  However, I have eyes and some common sense, which has proven to be enough to accomplish what I set out to do.

Feel free to link to this page.

Happy filtering!
Russ W. Knize

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